Monthly Archives: February 2011

The Long Lost Art of Brainstorming

Whatever happened to brainstorming?  I can remember doing a lot of it in college and maybe a little during internships, but more recently I haven’t been privy to a good old fashioned brainstorming session.  You know the ones I’m talking about – bringing together folks with different viewpoints to share ideas on a topic to foster creativity. read more »

Follow The Leader: International Woman of Mystery

When I first joined Carmen’s team years ago she was on maternity leave with her first child.  I only knew her from the comments I’d hear from the team –

  • “Carmen is so responsive – wait until you see how quickly she provides feedback to your work.”
  • “Carmen is so thorough – she picks up on the things we’ve missed so immediately.”
  • “Carmen has a great relationship with that team – she can really help foster the relationship.” read more »

In Gut We Trust

I can remember the feeling like it was yesterday.  Nagging – worrisome – uncomfortable.  That was me after interviewing for and accepting a job offer at a new company.  I kept thinking – shouldn’t I feel excited and relieved?  After all, I went and applied for the job, got dressed up in my suit and nailed the interview.  Everything sounded good on paper – but there was just that something that I couldn’t explain – it didn’t quite “feel” right. read more »

Follow the Leader: Eco Chic

I recently sat down with Martha Corrozi Narvaez, Associate Policy Scientist for the University of Delaware.  Martha is a respected leader in her industry and although we’ve known each other for many years, it was quite refreshing to talk “business”.  My biggest takeaway -although our backgrounds and industries are quite different – that core leadership lessons are universal.   read more »