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Follow the Leader: Living Her Dream- the Brave Mico Yuk

“Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.” –William Ward

This is the quote that continues to inspire and drive Mico Yuk.  After speaking with her I can see why.  Mico might be one of the most hard-working and determined women I’ve met.  Her story is truly inspiring.  Best known as the founder of Everything Xcelsius, the #1 Xcelsius blog on the internet and co-founder of Benchmarkers Business Intelligence, an SAP implementation partner, she partially speaks multiple languages and has programmed in 5 – including ABAP.  For those non-technical readers out there this is quite a feat. read more »

The Big 3 Lessons Learned from a Former Consultant

I often think fondly of my days as a consultant.  Yes, the schedule was tough, but it was great experience and a career path I always encourage recent grads to consider.  In a consulting role, you have the unique opportunity to face the most challenging problems.

You get to focus in (there are no personal distractions), help make a difference, resolve issues, and move on to the next challenge.  This can be taxing – but always rewarding.  You are constantly learning from both your project team and the client team alike.

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