Follow the Leader: Living Her Dream- the Brave Mico Yuk

“Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.” –William Ward

This is the quote that continues to inspire and drive Mico Yuk.  After speaking with her I can see why.  Mico might be one of the most hard-working and determined women I’ve met.  Her story is truly inspiring.  Best known as the founder of Everything Xcelsius, the #1 Xcelsius blog on the internet and co-founder of Benchmarkers Business Intelligence, an SAP implementation partner, she partially speaks multiple languages and has programmed in 5 – including ABAP.  For those non-technical readers out there this is quite a feat.

Mico grew up in a very multicultural home in the Caribbean – exposed to multiple languages and cultures.  She skipped 3 grades starting college at the ripe old age of 15.  Though she was accepted to several top schools nationwide she settled on the University of Miami due to its proximity to her family and home.  It was there that she met one of her most influential mentors Dr. M Lewis Temares who then served as the Dean of Engineering, Head of IT and also one of the most respected CIO’s in the world per Computer World Magazine.   Seeking to become a better communicator, as a college junior she dropped out of school for 2 semesters and spent 4-6 hours per day in Barnes and Noble in the self-help and communication section.

Upon graduation she declined several job offers from companies such as General Electric and ultimately – perhaps fate intervened – and she crossed paths with a new tool called Xcelsius while working as a contractor at Ryder Logistics.   Serving as the visual factory alongside a lean Six Sigma Black Belt trainer producing dashboards for some of their biggest customers, she became enthralled with the software.  Spending up to 100 hours a week working with Xcelsius – it fascinated her – and ultimately led her to where she is today.

When I was speaking to her a few things were evident – her passion and her courage…here is a woman who is not afraid to follow her intuition – and to take risks to get where she wants to go.  She truly is living by William Ward’s quote – working hard and following her dreams.

Read more from the interview below:

1.    Career influences?

Dean Lewis Temares – he is well known and respected at the university and in the community.  When he walks in a room, everyone is drawn to him. This is something I always wished I could be like.

2. Biggest career success?

It depends on your definition of success- some define success through achievement.  My biggest success is being able to do what I love and work with people I enjoy.

3. Biggest lesson learned?

As a native of the Caribbean, it is in my nature to want to help everyone.  My biggest challenge is to learn how to say “No”!

4. Biggest regret?

I always live my life with no regrets.  I learned this important lesson from a good friend who told me that every situation – good or bad – is part of life and you take away lessons from each situation.

5. Share a leadership story.

My greatest challenge is balancing a dynamic leadership role – I have responsibilities to the new and old SAP BI community, to SAP as a mentor and blogger, to my company, and to myself- to be true to my personality.  I’m still learning how to balance these roles.

6. Your “big 3”?

  1. Human relationships/social networking – if you are not online, you don’t exist – that is where the world is right now.
  2. Seek Good Mentors – I have a multiple mentors – nearly all are or were C-Level Execs.  I sought out their mentorship and it took a long time to build these relationships. I would recommend this to anyone seeking to truly get ahead.
  3. Just do it and don’t apologize for it! Stay away from dream killers.

About Mico Yuk

Mico Yuk serves as the Director of Sales and Business Development at Benchmarkers Business Intelligence, a company that she co-founded to represent the consulting and services side of (the “Xcelsius Gurus” network), which she founded in 2008. A computer engineer by degree, she has been designing and implementing enterprise dashboards for major corporate clients since 2006 and is considered to be one of the top Xcelsius dashboard developers in the world. She has implemented executive dashboards for SAP BusinessObjects Global Services clients such as Allstate, Pfizer, Aviva Canada, McKesson, Ryder Logistics, the US Airforce, Medtronics, and Schering Plough. Her work has not only been featured on the SAP BusinessObjects main Xcelsius website, but the Xcelsius Gurus’ LinkedIn group and Twitter account were also used and featured on the SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius home page due their growing popularity.

Mico’s most recent accomplishments include, being nominated to the ASUG Influence Council, hosting the Xcelsius Reception at the 2010 SAP BusinessObjects User Conference, in Orlando, FL, winning the 1st Reportapalooza, Dashboards by Request Challenge, being featured on a BOC CommunityPROFILE, being nominated as a 2010 SAP Mentor, conducting the 2008 #1 webinar for the SAP BusinessObjects network alongside fellow Xcelsius Guru, Ryan Goodman, presenting at the GBN 2009 conference in Dallas to a full crowd, and hosting one of GBN 2009’s most successful SAP sponsored social event for the Xcelsius community.

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  • 1
    April 26, 2011 - 5:27 pm | Permalink

    I’ve known Mico for more than 3 years now. She is indeed a true leader and an extremely hard working women. A wonderful Human Being too.

    Way to go Mico!!!

  • 3
    ravikanth buggineni
    April 26, 2011 - 6:21 pm | Permalink

    Its Very Impressive and Inspirational.Great Job

    • 4
      April 26, 2011 - 6:39 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Ravikanth…Mico certainly is impressive and inspirational! Looking forward to keeping up with her in the future!


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