4 Leadership Lessons from TSW and SAPPHIRE NOW

I just wrapped up a whirlwind couple of weeks of travel that left me a little exhausted but extremely inspired by the great keynotes and great people I had a chance to hear and meet. I wanted to wrap up the 4 simple leadership lessons I heard in my travels:



At the Technology Services World Best Practices Conference in Santa Clara, CA, I attended a Women’s Networking Event where Ana Pinczuk of Cisco spoke to the audience about her career at Cisco and her role as a change agent and leader of 4000+ organization. The key takeaway for me was Ana’s constant reminder to always “be yourself”. People call her “quirky” and that is ok. It is her unique qualities that make her stand out and be the successful leader she is.


At the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference from Orlando, FL, Lance Armstrong shared his journey from cancer survivor to award-winning cyclist to business leader through his LIVESTRONG organization.

The biggest lesson I heard from Lance? Never give up! His story of courage and determination throughout his ordeal had lots of folks in the audience moved to tears.


At SAPPHIRE NOW, I attended a panel discussion on “Diversity as a Competitive Advantage.” The panel was moderated by Phyllis Stewart Pires, SAP’s Vice President and Global Head of Diversity and included business leaders from across the SAP ecosystem – customers, partners, and employees.

It was a great discussion that covered why diversity is important, how organizations are bringing the topic to light, and how to raise awareness. Please take a minute to read my blog post on the SAP Community Network that includes a recap from the panel – biggest lesson? Be open – it is the different views and perspectives that really make for the best solutions and decisions.


As part of the ASUG Annual conference at SAPPHIRE NOW, I attended a luncheon that covered leadership and change management with a strong panel of experts – Lisa Leslie, WNBA All-Star & Team Captain, Bridgette Chambers, ASUG CEO, Bill Benjamin, CEO, Institute for Health & Human Potentia (IHHP), and Joel Bernstein, CFO, SAP North America. The panel discussed the challenges associated with change and the importance of communication and leadership.

My favorite moment? When Lisa Leslie shared the 7 Ps her mother taught her growing up – “Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” This instilled confidence in her and taught her the importance of preparation and hard work – a lesson we can all live by today whether we are preparing for a meeting or for our next role.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcygallery/3102761425/in/photostream/

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