The Social C-Level – Social Media Impact on Today’s Leaders

I vividly remember sitting in front of my computer a few years back – TweetDeck was up – my first tweet was in the “compose box” and I was getting ready to click send. I was nervous. What would people think, what would they say, what would be the impact? That first tweet was by far the hardest but once I got going it got easy and the power of social media was clear. I started having real conversations with real people – people I normally wouldn’t have access to.

In both my personal and professional worlds, there is real value for me in engaging in social media discussions. On a personal level, I can engage with people on any topic of interest for me. As a marketer, I can learn more about what our customers and influencers are saying. I got to thinking about how social media is impacting today’s leaders – specifically those in the C-Suite.

As part of Social Media Week, I had the opportunity to talk with 3 C-level executives – a CEO, CMO, and CIO – who are very active in social media to find out what social media means to them. Some key themes emerged around communication, relationships, and information – and it brought me back to the moment I hit “send” on my first Tweet.

Below are some quotes and links to the full articles:

The Social CEO: Connecting with ASUG’s Bridgette Chambers: “I believe great leaders wield influence, rather than command and control. Social media tools provide another avenue for ASUG to continue being the chief influencer of SAP’s product strategy.”

The Social CMO: Keeping it Real with SAP’s Jonathan Becher: “I’m a big believer in abandoning traditional B2B marketing techniques in favor of a people to people approach. It’s especially critical for those conversations to be two-way. Twitter is a fantastic way for me to listen to what people think about SAP and our solutions. As an executive, you usually get packaged analysis after the fact. Twitter is unfiltered and it’s real time.”

The Social CIO: On the Cutting Edge with SAP’s Oliver Bussmann: “Social media is changing the enterprise decision making process. With a tablet (such as iPad), I can scan and take in news quickly, take advantage of RSS feeds to stay up to date with relevant blogs, and even use mobile apps to aggregate, orchestrate, and assimilate facts fast.”

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