Work with your Intuition using

Science + Soul to quiet your doubts,

up-level your success and claim

YOUR superpower

Your intuition is real!

Know what I’m talking about when I say “Gut Feeling?”

You use it to make decisions, stay out of harm’s way, navigate relationships and

get ahead in business.

It’s that instinctual, natural thing that tells you to do or not to do something — even if it defies all logic and reason.

You don’t always know why, but it’s right most of the time and you trust it!


Many of us HIDE our intuitive skills and will never truly develop or understand them because of ...

the stifling social stigma

the fear of losing credibility

and the lack of information + training out there.

You have probably already realized that ignoring and hiding this can lead to bad decisions, exhaustion, anxiety or nagging physical symptoms.

Yet, successful CEOs, executives, coaches and business owners successfully use their intuition every day and have confidence in it!

They have found a way to get to KNOW how their intuition works, how to turn it on/off or make it stronger … and it’s actually their secret weapon for getting so far ahead of others.

ready to stop ignoring your very own superpower?

When you cultivate your intuition, you gain enormous control of your life, career, decisions, relationships and future. Not to mention, your health.

An 8-week online program custom-made with SCIENCE + SOUL

Designed to introduce you to your intuition

... so you can get confident with using it!

We’re not talking crystal balls...

We're talking facts and practice.

Just imagine that YOU ...

  • Have the confidence to embrace and use your intuition to get clear on decision-making and work your way to the top
  • Know how to integrate your intuitive superpower into your business whether you are in corporate, an entrepreneur, coach, mentor or working in service to others.
  • Can use your intuition to better understand your boss, colleagues, clients and others so you can be confident about your next best step.
  • Are confident in your purpose and where you fit into the world … and get validation that you’re on the right path.
  • Find the courage to ditch the social stigma and use your superpower to turn your fear into fortune.
  • Are able to work with your intuition and are not only comfortable with it, but can also strengthen and reduce it, as needed, on your journey.
  • Easily receive all your answers to your deepest questions.
  • Have achieved greater control over your thoughts, your mind and your body.


This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to
develop your biggest asset!


8 Weeks of Training

Each week for 8 weeks, you’ll get access to a new lesson, workbooks and resources that will aid you in taking your abilities to a whole new level.

We'll dive into...


Name It

Validate It

Embrace It


Energy + Mindfulness

Calling It In, Keeping It Out + Staying in Neutral

The Magic of Tools


Ethics + Intuition

Intuition + Leadership

Truth Talk


  • GUEST TEACHERS on intuition, science, energy, business and coaching who are magical in their own right. Yup, I’m bringing in my favorite teachers to teach you what they taught me.
  • A LEFT + RIGHT BRAIN thinking preferences assessment by The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI) will be one of the bonuses you love! 
  • LIVE ZOOM CALLS where we’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into what it all means for YOU. With laser coaching and Q+A! 
  • A COMMUNITY of like-minded people to help you cultivate your intuition and your purpose … so you will never feel alone (unless you want to be, hey we’re ok with that too!). 

Want in?


Data + Facts

This isn’t all woo-woo, witchy or abra-cadabra (even though that part is so fun too!). We’ll break down the 80+ years of scientific research on intuition and the neuro, behavioral, biological and brain sciences.

Mindfulness + Inner Knowing

Often, intuition is the language of our heart + soul. We explore boundary setting, grounding and listening to the many ways our soul speaks to us to decipher what it’s trying to say.

What's Inside CLEAR

Modules 1-3

Intuitive Intelligence

You’ll get to know your own personal intuition.

  • You’ll be able to KNOW what your intuition is and how it speaks to you (versus emotions, fears, triggers, intellect and past experiences which are sometimes confused with intuition).
  • The neuroscience and data will be front-and-center, so early on you will believe in what you are experiencing and ditch the skeptics!
  • We’ll immediately address all of your doubts, fears and blocks that you have around listening to yourself.
  • You’re going to get introduced to the sliding scale of your own intuition. This is a MUST HAVE if you want to increase or decrease your abilities, or if you are using intuition in your business or life in a way that impacts others.

Modules 4-6

Intuition + Mindfulness

You’ll become more capable of hearing yourself —
of receiving and naming intuitive information. 

  • You’ll see how mindfulness and energy are used and managed to allow more intuitive information to come through to you. We’ll explore all types of mindfulness and energy practices and get clear on grounding, clearing and creating boundaries to aid you in becoming confident and decisive.
  • You’ll learn how to understand and manage your intuition making it easy for you to call it in, keep it out or get back to neutral. You’re in charge here!
  • We’ll practice! You’ll have fun and be introduced to new tools that will assist you with your insights.

Modules 7-8

Intuition in Life + Business 

You’ll see how you can really use intuition to your advantage in life and business
without feeling like you have to hide it. 

  • We’ll look at intuition in business and leadership, especially how it fits into the head, heart and whole person movement.
  • We’ll explore the role your ego plays in using your intuitive abilities, especially when it impacts others. I’ll show you how to share and use your insights in a way that is both ethical and high-impact.
  • You’ll get the truth talk. If you're in hiding, we’ll discover ways that you can talk about it with others that feels authentic and safe, and what might be best for you if you want to take the mask off.


You don’t have to do this alone and we all need support! Let’s lift each other.

You’ll have access to a secret Facebook community of like-minded thinkers. We will move effortlessly between the science + the soul so you can explore your truth around intuition and find the freedom and support to speak it!

This will give you the opportunity to get publicly engaged and build your community as much – or as little – as feels comfortable to you. 

Now Is The Perfect Time to Cultivate Your Abilities

The rest of 2019 can be easier and more successful with your intuition guiding you.


Hiya, I’m Christina ...

I lovingly refer to myself as an Intuition-Loving Executive Coach, Speaker + Truth-Teller.

With 25+ years of corporate leadership under my belt, I’ve lived in Europe, the Middle East, Boston and NYC (but I’ll always be a Brooklyn-ite at heart!).

I've sat right next to CEOs and executives who used intuition (and hid it) to successfully climb to great heights.

And, I have also painfully watched others who don't have access to their intuition struggle to get context, people, patterns and achieve success. Yeh, turns out knowing how to manage a P+L and driving sales doesn't guarantee success. Through it all, I've used my own intuition to successfully navigate my life and career, better understand people and situations so I can get stuff done, and stay safe and thrive!

I have lots of credentials and degrees (scroll all the way down if that’s your thing!), but what matters most to me is what my clients experience and achieve when working with me.


Many of my clients are in hiding, like I was, and here is what they say:

  • An executive recently told me that my intuition coursework and exercises give them the confidence and tools they need to tap into their own intuition.
  • Many say they can ditch the chaos, feel grounded and walk away having figured out their next best move or what’s holding them back.
  • One of my clients says working with me feels like she just had a cocktail – I love that!
  • Others say that because I totally get corporate and C-Suite culture -- and tell the truth about it! -- I can help them achieve results faster than others.
  • And since I have come out of hiding on everything intuitive + mindful … clients tell me this gives them the courage, excitement and peace to do it too. Yeah, I’ve been called their biggest cheerleader!

Me + Intuition

Throughout my years of corporate work and study, I have my own story of ignoring, fighting, accepting and finally cultivating my own intuition.

Sadly, sensitivity is still seen as a weakness in the workplace, instead of the competitive advantage that it really is. I didn’t want to talk about my intuition because I was afraid of the social stigma and losing professional credibility.

Yet, a Harvard study shows that 75.9% of the time, executives who have strong intuition use it to make decisions (instead of logic and reason), but more than 50% of these executives wouldn’t publicly admit to it. The social stigma is very real. 

After a major wake-up call in 2001, I studied and researched Intuitive Intelligence and sought out every piece of data and scientific inquiry available.

This resulted in a 40-page research paper on intuition + coaching that I completed for my Columbia University certification. I also found experiential teachers across many disciplines and over the last 17 years practiced, practiced, practiced. 

Once I learned how to cultivate my inner guidance system I was finally able to have the impact I wanted in my life and in business.

I don’t want you to struggle like I did! I want to give you the step-by-step guidance and framework that I wish I had – and this is why I created CLEAR!


You have the innate ability to access, develop and apply your intuition.

No more hiding, worrying or wondering ...

Clear will help you get your answers + get ahead.

we start May 5th!

You’ll get: 

8 weeks of short lessons, worksheets, tools and resources designed to help you understand yourself and your intuition better than you ever have before! (this is not just learning, this is DOING too!) 

8 LIVE Zoom calls for laser coaching and Q+A, and time with Christina. 

Community! A rising tide lifts all boats. Let’s do this together with other high-level thinkers! 

Bonus lessons from amazing guests in many areas related to intuition such as neuroscience, intuition, energy and coaching. 

Lifetime access to everything so you can go back anytime to practice. 

Your investment in yourself + your superpowers: $1,999 

Since this is the first time this program will run LIVE, you can take advantage of this special intro pricing through April 12th.

Flex Pay Option

3 monthly payments of $275

Pay in Full Discount

GOT Q's? I'VE GOT A's!

Is this for me?

How long will I be able to access CLEAR?

What if I need more help?

What’s the schedule?

What if I can’t make the LIVE calls?

What's the refund policy?

Exceed Your 2019 Goals + get Clear so you can:

Make that Big Leap

Up-Level your Business

or Get to that C-Seat!

You don’t want to look back at the end of the year and wish you were further ahead.

Here's My Promise to You

  • I’ll share everything I know. 
  • You will be seen, you will be heard + you will have fun too! 
  • I’ll always tell you the truth + take good care of you.
  • I’ll respect your boundaries because I believe that we each are our own best experts.
  • And if you want some Brooklyn-style coaching ... no problem, we can do that too! 

Hope to see you inside!

Christina xoxo

The Official Bio


  • 25+ years of corporate experience as a leader, mentor, coach and communicator
  • Co-teach The Depth Coaching Workshop, an ICF CCE course on leadership and change
  • Columbia University-certified Executive Coach
  • Member, International Coach Federation
  • Fulbright Fellow (Egypt)
  • Certified in The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI™) Assessment that measures left and right brain thinking preferences


  •  Intuition teacher and truth-teller
  • Martha Beck Wayfinder coach training
  • Gestalt training on Use of Self as Coach
  • Certified in Reiki I + II (Level III Mastership this year!)
  • Certified Oracle Card Guide (Colette Baron-Reid) and astrology student. Also, known to communicate with a spirit or two, here and there