Learn How to access your intuition and Gain control of it

This workshop covers... 

  • the basics... "Intuition 101"
  • tools to measure your Intuitive Intelligence (Access) and Intuition Proficiency (Power)
  • the language of intuition and how that affects you
  • and directly talks about COVID-19 and how intuition and energy are directly connected.

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I've been on a long journey with intuition and what I know for sure is that intuition is REAL and it never leads you astray if you pay close attention and listen.

Did you know that your gut instinct is actually speaking to you on a regular basis, most likely through your body?

The key is learning how to hear it, trust it, listen to it ... and also manage and develop it.

Once you have figured out how to use this superpower, you can:

- take what you are hearing from your inner GPS

- consider what you also know through logic and reason

- and then figure out your next best step

... to make your way to the C-Suite, up-level your business or successfully make those big changes in your life.


Trying to up-level in business but can't seem to get there ...

Stuck in that relationship and not sure what to do next ...

Can't seem to make things work, no matter what you do ...

If you are struggling in any area of your life and making most decisions in your head using logic and reason ... chances are what you really need to do is also start listening to your intuition, aka your gut instinct, hunches or inner GPS.

Christina Clinton headshot

Hiya I’m Christina!

I am an Intuition-Loving Teacher and Certified Executive Coach.

With 25+ years of corporate leadership under my belt, I’ve lived in Europe, the Middle East, Boston and NYC (but I’ll always be a Brooklyn-ite at heart!).

I've sat right next to CEOs and executives who used their intuition to successfully climb to great heights (and hid it!).

And, I have also painfully watched others at work who don't have access to their intuition struggle to get context, people, patterns and achieve success. Yeh, turns out knowing how to manage a P+L doesn't guarantee executive success!

Through it all, I've used my own intuition to successfully navigate my life and career, better understand people and situations so I can get stuff done, and stay safe and thrive!


I have my own story of ignoring, fighting, accepting and finally cultivating my own intuition.

After a major wake-up call in 2001, I was driven to finally understand – intellectually and practically – this elusive inner wisdom called intuition.

So I studied and researched Intuitive Intelligence and sought out every piece of data and scientific inquiry available. I also found teachers who I could trust across many disciplines like intuition, mindfulness, self-awareness and energy work … and practiced, practiced, practiced.

Once I learned how to cultivate my inner guidance system I was finally able to have the impact I wanted in my life and in business. And I said to myself: how much easier would this have been if I had step-by-step guidance and a framework instead of having to piece it all together myself?

I don’t want you to struggle like I did!

I created this workshop so you can start getting in touch with your Intuitive Intelligence and Intuitive Proficiency.

Truth Time

Statistically, about 20% of people are highly sensitive. I believe this number is likely a lot higher because let’s face it, we hide this kind of stuff.

I never talked about this at work because I was afraid of the social stigma and losing professional credibility. 

Get to know yourself even better + feel free

Intuitive Intelligence (access) and Intuition Proficiency (power) Workshop

comes with tons of resources too, such as videos, worksheets and exercises!