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I believe we have bought into the myth that our soul is separate from our career. And I’ve discovered that we cannot truly feel strong, fulfilled and free when our soul isn't fused with our work.

I coach executive and emerging leaders, corporate teams and individuals on closing the gap between soul and science using intuition, intellect and ancient wisdom.

Please join me. Now, more than ever, the world needs the whole you.

Our Process


We will gather data and see where the brain wants to start. Assessments, 360s and interviews are common starting points.


Awareness requires a calm body, quiet mind and open soul. We explore boundaries. Work on grounding. Listen, learn and apply.


Decision-making takes guts. Tap into your innate decision-making skills — your intuition. This always leads to your best next step.


You will explore the many ways your soul speaks to you and what it is trying to say.