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Stop ignoring your intuitive superpower so you can UP-LEVEL your business and OWN that life you've been hiding from!

In this 60-minute, live Masterclass...

I will share with you my 9-step framework for tapping into your intuition + strengthening it so you can:

  • Learn how to take your intuitive hunches and scale the business and life you've been hiding from 
  • Discover your awareness level regarding when & how your gut speaks to you
  • Get to know the 5 ways you may experience intuition + tips for tapping into your very own personal intuitive language
  • Discover how confident you can be in using & trusting your intuition

I will also share stories from my own journey of hiding, denying and ultimately embracing my own intuition ... because it's time we did some truth-talking.

Free webinars: Thurs, April 25th from 1-2 pm ET ... or Sun, April 29th from 7-8 pm ET

Intuition is like a superpower for humans.

It's time you tapped into it!

This webinar is perfect if you:

  • Consider yourself intuitive and want to take it to the next level
  • Have a big decision to make and don't know where to start
  • Desperately want to learn how to have confidence in your intuition
  • Are really curious about the difference between having access to intuition and knowing how to use it
  • Want to figure out how to increase or decrease your intuition
  • Crave a community of like-minded, intuitive people -- yeh, we are here for you!

Take the first step to learn more about your intuition with this FREE Intuition Masterclass.

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Thursday, April 25th
1-2 pm ET

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Hiya, I'm Christina ...

I lovingly refer to myself as an Intuition-Loving Executive Coach, Speaker + Truth-Teller.

With 25+ years of corporate leadership under my belt, I’ve lived in Europe, the Middle East, Boston and NYC (but I’ll always be a Brooklyn-ite at heart!).

I've sat right next to CEOs and executives who used intuition (and hid it) to successfully climb to great heights.

And, I have also painfully watched others who don't have access to their intuition struggle to get context, people, patterns and achieve success. Yeh, turns out knowing how to manage a P+L and driving sales doesn't guarantee success. Through it all, I've used my own intuition to successfully navigate my life and career, better understand people and situations so I can get stuff done, and stay safe and thrive!

I have lots of credentials and degrees (scroll all the way down if that’s your thing!), but what matters most to me is what my clients experience and achieve when working with me.

Me + Intuition

Throughout my years of corporate work and study, I have my own story of ignoring, fighting, accepting and finally cultivating my own intuition.

Sadly, sensitivity is still seen as a weakness in the workplace, instead of the competitive advantage that it really is. I didn’t want to talk about my intuition because I was afraid of the social stigma and losing professional credibility.

Yet, a Harvard study shows that 75.9% of the time, executives who have strong intuition use it to make decisions (instead of logic and reason), but more than 50% of these executives wouldn’t publicly admit to it. The social stigma is very real. 

After a major wake-up call in 2001, I studied and researched Intuitive Intelligence and sought out every piece of data and scientific inquiry available.

This resulted in a 40-page research paper on intuition + coaching that I completed for my Columbia University certification. I also found experiential teachers across many disciplines and over the last 17 years practiced, practiced, practiced. 

Once I learned how to cultivate my inner guidance system I was finally able to have the impact I wanted in my life and in business.

I don’t want you to struggle like I did! I want to give you the step-by-step guidance and framework that I wish I had.

The Official Bio


  • 25+ years of corporate experience as a leader, mentor, coach and communicator
  • Co-teach The Depth Coaching Workshop, an ICF CCE course on leadership and change
  • Columbia University-certified Executive Coach
  • Member, International Coach Federation
  • Fulbright Fellow (Egypt)
  • Certified in The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI™) Assessment that measures left and right brain thinking preferences


  •  Intuition teacher and truth-teller
  • Martha Beck Wayfinder coach training
  • Gestalt training on Use of Self as Coach
  • Certified in Reiki I + II (Level III Mastership this year!)
  • Certified Oracle Card Guide (Colette Baron-Reid) and astrology student. Also, known to communicate with a spirit or two, here and there